In these volatile times, with so much uncertainty, are adhering to values really that important to business decisions?

2nd March 2023

In the current economic and political climate, border tensions, the collapse of a tech bank or any number of factors, can instantly and dramatically impact the shape and direction of both local and global economies.

This uncertainty is an enormous challenge (and also an opportunity) for businesses needing to react to the markets, and plan their own futures.  Some key questions they might face are how to allocate their resources, whether to hire new people or reduce their overheads, and what are the most important factors they will need to both survive and more importantly to succeed in challenging times.

At the core of these decisions, businesses should be able to rely on and use the strength of the core values they have created.  They can provide inspiration, direction and support the business’s management in making these key decisions particularly in turbulent times when so much around them is changing.  Values may seem abstract when discussing and recording them, but when properly applied and used like a compass to help business leaders navigate, they can lead to great results.

Aggressively adhering to one’s values can also help a company make strategic decisions.