Employment Law Weekly News Update

25th October 2018

In this edition:

• The Court of Appeal hold that two directors who dismissed an employee for whistleblowing were personally liable for a detriment amounting to dismissal and liable, with the employer, to pay £2m compensation.
• The Court of Appeal rule that Morrisons were vicariously liable for a former employee’s actions is disclosing the personal data of 5,000 employees; there was a seamless connection between his work and the disclosure.
• The Government have published a report summarising the data that employers reported under the first year of mandatory Gender Pay Gap reporting, with 77% revealing that men were paid more than women.
• A new EHRC survey has found that despite 74% of people agreeing that there should be equality for all groups, 42% of Britons have experienced some form of prejudice in the last 12 months.