Head of Family Law, Jane McDonagh, has been quoted in the FT

7th July 2020

Partner Jane McDonagh has been prolific in the press lately, lending her expert knowledge to topic of the ‘no-fault’ divorce bill. The latest piece to have quoted Jane is entitled “How to get divorced – and keep your fair share of the assets”, which has been featured in the “FT Money” section of last week’s Financial Times. The full article can be found here.

With the increase of divorce inquiries due to lock-down, the article discusses the strains that have been placed on even the strongest relationships, and how the currently volatile economy will impact on the ability for couples to divorce.

Amongst the many problems faced going forward, the passing of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act provides some hope. As Jane McDonagh has said:

“Removing the element of blame from the initial part of the divorce process will make it a lot easier for a positive tone to be set for future discussions on more substantive issues such as child arrangements and splitting assets”.

Jane has previously written a thought leadership piece for the FT Adviser discussing this topic in full, entitled “What the ‘no-fault’ divorce bill entails”, which can be read here.

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