SMB Employment Team is acting on behalf of over 400 elite Police officers of the MET Police

14th July 2021


SMB Employment Team is proud to be acting on behalf of over 400 specialist, elite firearm police officers of the MET Police who protect and accompany people of rank in a David -v- Goliath High Court trial taking place now in London against the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis. It promises to be one of the most significant employment-related cases of the year.

The case involves very sensitive information and there are privacy orders in place. Please see Justice Kerr’s publicly available Order.

While most of the evidence will be heard in private, the closing submissions are due to be held in public on 27 July 2021. Please continue to watch SMB’s LinkedIn feed and website for any updates on open court proceedings only.

Carl Soan leads the SMB legal team as the solicitor with conduct of the case. Our team also includes Partner Makbool Javaid, Associate Krista Barnes and trainees Alexandra Cohen and Camilla Beevor.  Barristers Elliot Gold of Serjeants’ Inn and Jonathan Davies of 42 Bedford Row are instructed by the SMB Employment Team.

SMB has a long tradition of championing the rights of individuals and is renowned for its work on civil liberties.