How to get the best out of being yourself!

26th May 2023

In the current climate, with offices, businesses and their people trying to return to a new normal, many people may be evaluating what they want to do and what makes them happy and are they feeling fulfilled.

One of the conversations that I often have when speaking with business owners is how to attract and retain key talent and often young workers who are looking for something more in their lives.

As summer unfolds, sunny days can often inspire us to see new possibilities and opportunities for positive change. This brings with it new energy which if treated in the right way can have really positive benefits.

Our managing partner has often encouraged us to ensure we are always creating an environment where people want to come to work, are enabled to make their own decisions and to be part of a business which remains flexible and open to change. I think he is right.

Creating the right culture where everyone can be themselves, and be their best selves can be essential for a business that wants to encourage its people to strive for independence and innovation and fulfilment.

Over the past few months, in our own business, we have been approached by employees wanting freedom and to do more. Some want to take breaks and travel, others want to work less days and pursue their own interests in their unpaid leave, and others want to use our offices to host and run events for charities and young people they are supporting. This, we sense, is a growing trend in the wider market.

One thing we have observed is to retain key talent, businesses need to be open to the aspirations and visions that their employees are sharing with them and to encouraging them.

This can range from creating flexible working hours, to finding ways for them to use their work time to support charities and other causes which they feel strongly about, or allowing them the opportunity to follow and pursue their desires to travel or engage in their creative passions.

While in most cases, it is employees who may lead by approaching their employers with the things they want, it may be that increasingly employers may also need to start considering how to promote these opportunities to differentiate themselves and engage with their key teams.