IVF – Challenges for Employers

5th March 2023

Although the attached article is now about 9 months’ old (an appropriate length of time given the subject matter), I have encountered this topic from both sides of the fence.  On the one hand I have acted for women who have faced lack of sympathy about taking time off for treatment from their employers.  They have been met with those who simply state that there is no statutory right to take time off other than holiday and would rather leave than face this adversity.  On the other hand I also have a certain amount of sympathy for my employer clients who might wish to be understanding but they also have to face the struggles of other employees in the team having to pick up additional workload as well as the employee’s own mental health who might find it problematic to either work at the same level she usually does or return to work knowing that the treatment has been unsuccessful.  Given that the issue was highlighted very clearly in this article nearly a year ago, something really has to be done to try and deal with this issue which is more prevalent than anyone would seek to admit – legislation is more necessary in this area than in some areas of employment law already on the statute books in my view.