Policy Perfection: 3 Tips Every HR Professional Should Know

8th January 2024

It is important to consider workplace policies as  dynamic documents that articulate a company’s values, culture, and processes. They must not sit on the proverbial shelf gathering dust. The reason why they are so vital to an organisation is because they will, if drafted correctly, help mitigate a company’s exposure to risk if challenged in a tribunal or court. As most employers will know things can and do go wrong and, when they do, swift action must be taken to protect the business and employees.

Remember: complacency, antiquation, and ignorance are the nails in your company’s coffin. So, our top three tips for achieving policy perfection are:

  1. Regularly updating your policies: you may be losing out on talent if you do not have your finger on the pulse. 

Workplace culture is evolving, and businesses must evolve too if they want to attract and retain talent. Regarding dusty policies, have you brushed off your dress code policy recently? Do you know if you even have one? The modern world embraces individuality & diversity and prioritises performance over appearance. Be transformative and drive your company toward a dynamic future.

  1. Staying informed on the latest legislation to ensure your own compliance and be ahead of the curve. 

Law-making is a constant process of ratifying modern social values, and employers must find ways to navigate the challenges imposed by it. One such value is reflected in the upcoming change to equality law. From 26 October 2024, employers must proactively prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace if they are to avoid being financially penalised and suffering damage to their reputation.  Ensuring your workplace policies are up to date will become pivotal to maintaining this duty and to protecting your business and employees.

  1. Be alive to your employees’ interests and enhance your policies where appropriate. 

Great employers will realise that their success is dependent on establishing a highly motivated workforce. Being able to see the human behind each employee will help you gauge what policies need to be implemented or revised to satisfy the needs and wants of your employees. In return, this may contribute to you receiving the desired levels of productivity and loyalty because you are seen to anticipate and meet their needs.  So, do consider your employees’ interests and, if you can try to accommodate them if they are reasonable and not overly costly otherwise you may lose them to someone who will.

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