The Challenges of Long Covid for Employers

9th March 2023

In my day to day working life as an employment lawyer advising companies on coping with employees absent due to long term sickness, we have been met with a new challenge – long COVID.  It is not that there is necessarily a different way of dealing with long term sickness absence which has arisen because of long COVID, but it is at this stage in a sense the problem of the unknown.  It seems that it is not yet certain how long the effects of covid can last and further what the impact might be on the individual – this in itself can be many and varied.  ACAS has provided some guidance on this issue which although basic in places is still a useful reminder of the key points to consider in these circumstances as well as providing relevant links to symptoms on the NHS and guidance on the Government website.  At the end of the day it is important to take each case as it comes and not apply a one size fits all approach.  Do get in touch if you need some support on how to handle a particular situation.  Over 30 years of employment law experience may help!

Sickness and absence from work – Long covid – Acas