Our Charity of the Year 2023: St John’s Hospice

2nd February 2023

SMB are pleased to announce that our chosen Charity of the Year for 2023 is St John’s Hospice.

St John’s Hospice is an exemplary charity that provides quality, holistic care for people who are living with life-limiting illnesses and their families. It is their goal to provide moments of joy and compassion during a time that can be the most difficult in a person’s life. Through the hospice, families are supported through every aspect of their journey; whether at the Inpatient and Day Care Unit in St John’s Wood or out in the community and people’s homes across North London.

This charity is a particularly poignant one for all of us at SMB. Our usual process of selecting a Charity of the Year involves nominating several charities of interest and having a firmwide vote. This year, however, our choice was unanimously agreed upon by the whole firm before the year even began. We have chosen St John’s Hospice, not only in recognition of their incredible work but also as the charity that took care of our dear friend and colleague Russell Winn before his sad passing in 2022.

Charlotte Locks-Moro, Director of Fundraising at St John’s Hospice:

“We at St John’s would like to thank all the staff at SMB for nominating us for your Charity of the Year. It is only through partnerships such as this that we are able to support and care for over 4,000 patients, family members and loved ones each year. We treat everyone we see as holistically as possible, as we strongly believe that to help the physical ailments, the emotional and practical need to be helped as well.

St John’s is a true community encompassing our patients and their families, staff, amazing volunteers, and partners such as yourselves. So, we warmly welcome you to our community and look forward to working alongside you to create moments of joy and happiness for all those we care for. Many thanks again for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at the hospice and at events throughout the year.” 

As our year progresses, we will be organising a variety of activities for our team to get involved in and raise funds. We will be updating our website, LinkedIn, and Twitter with details of our fundraising events and donation opportunities throughout the year. To donate to this worthy cause, you can go to our JustGiving page.

All of us at SMB are very much looking forward to what we can achieve together with St John’s Hospice.