Conservative Party win historic general election with commanding majority

13th December 2019

Even the media and opinion polls could not have predicted the outcome of yesterday’s seismic general election outcome. There was a huge transformation of the political landscape in the UK with the Conservative Party winning by a commanding majority. The Labour Party suffered their worst election results since 1935 leading to Jeremy Corbyn resigning as the party leader. Furthermore, Jo Swinson lost her seat and subsequently resigned as the Liberal Democrat’s party leader.

What does this now mean for immigration? Boris Johnson, who now has a Conservative majority which doesn’t rely on support from the DUP, is expected to have his ‘oven-ready’ bill passed and deliver Brexit by 31st January 2020. Transitional arrangements will be in place until 31st December 2020 after which there will be a new immigration system in force.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) are expected to publish their report on an Australian-style points-based immigration system and salary thresholds by January 2020. Following this report, we expect a new immigration bill to be on track shortly after the MAC’s report is published, paving the way for the UK’s ‘new look’ immigration system with effect from 1st January 2021. Simons Muirhead Burton participated in the MAC’s Call for Evidence and will be notifying all clients and contacts as soon as the MAC’s report is published. Historically, the Government have adopted the MAC’s recommendations as part of immigration reform.

Employers and individuals who are still unclear on the EU Settlement Scheme or require further advice on work force planning in light of recent events are encouraged to contact our Employment and Business Immigration department.