Employment Law Weekly News Update

14th March 2019

In this edition:

• A CEO threatened and dismissed after disclosing information tending to show that HMRC and NHS Trusts were being misled, is awarded £57,000 for automatically unfair dismissal and being subjected to detriments.
• The EAT holds that £750 compensation for personal injury was permissible where an employee was not provided with 20-minute rest breaks and this caused him physical discomfort because of his medical condition.
• The TUC and the GMB have launched a new disability passport to help the 946,000 disabled people who fall out of work or switch employers each year to get the support they need.
• A former senior local government officer has been prosecuted and fined £660, together with being ordered to pay £713 costs, for passing the personal information of rival job applicants to his partner.