Johnny Depp refused permission to appeal

25th March 2021

The actor has today been refused permission to appeal the result of his failed libel claim against our clients The Sun and journalist Dan Wootton.

He was also refused permission to rely on his so-called ‘fresh-evidence’, which he had attempted to persuade the Court of Appeal was crucial to the claim.

In a comprehensive written decision, The Court of Appeal has confirmed Nicol J’s reasoned and thorough November judgment, which followed a 3 ½ week trial with more than 30 witnesses giving evidence and over a dozen files of documents considered, including contemporaneous photographs, messages and other evidence that Mr Depp had beaten his wife, causing her to fear for her life. Today’s decision fully vindicates The Sun’s journalism, and also Amber Heard – who stood up to Mr Depp in the face of his repeated attempts to silence her.

We are very pleased with this result, which finally brings an end to what has been termed the ‘libel trial of the century’.