New Serial Podcast: The Trojan Horse Affair

3rd February 2022

Exciting news – the latest podcast from Serial Productions, ‘The Trojan Horse Affair’, is released today. Partner Martin Soames, assisted by Senior Associate Emma Linch, worked with Serial and The New York Times on this project, which is the first Serial production based on a story in England. ‘The Trojan Horse Affair’ focuses on the strange and still unexplained mystery of ‘the fabricated and false 2014 conspiracy that Islamic extremists were plotting to take over local schools in Birmingham, as well as the damaging national scandal and rhetoric that followed.’

Other members of SMB who worked on this with Martin and Emma included Raoul Lumb, Andrew Wheelhouse, Claire Hindle, Ben Ifrah, Flora Bezzenberger, Alex Cohen, and Olu Mshelia. Martin commented, ‘It’s been a privilege to work with the outstanding teams at Serial and the New York Times on this major public interest investigation.’

All episodes of The Trojan Horse Affair are now available.