Partner Razwana Akram speaks to culinary profession at PX+ Festival

29th August 2019

Razwana Akram, Partner in our Media team was recently invited to speak on a panel at PX+ Festival, a weekend-long festival for those working in the hospitality and culinary industries. She was asked to discuss and share issues that arise within the legal profession.

The festival took place at Duchess Farms in Sawbridgeworth August 17-19 and was organised by worldwide culinary publication CulEpi, whose purpose is to provide a platform for people in the hospitality and culinary industry to have a positive impact.

Of the discussion, Regina Verolli, Editor of CulEpi, said:

“Each of you brought something important to the discussion, and together you created a conversation that continued among all PX-goers around the festival.”

The other panellists who spoke alongside Razwana were Anne de Kerckhove, CEO of FreespeeDanny Pecorelli of Exclusive Hotels and Venues Group and Henrietta Lovell of Rare Tea Company.

You can find out more about PX+ Festival here.