Statement from SMB client Matt Wiessler in response to Dyson Report publication

20th May 2021

“After a quarter of a century of cover ups and smears, it’s good to know the truth is finally out that I acted with integrity and responsibly from day one.

“By blowing the whistle on the deception, I suffered the fate of the fall guy.

“Lord Dyson correctly found the BBC investigation carried out after I raised the alarm was seriously flawed and a smokescreen to protect Bashir. The order from BBC management to make sure I never got any more work from the BBC was despicable. It had a devastating effect on my career and professional reputation.

“I hope those responsible for the cover up will now do the right thing and apologise to me.

“So much damage has been done, not only to me but also to Princess Diana and her family. I would also like to thank the tenacious journalists whose dogged pursuit of the truth brought this to light.”


Mr Wiessler’s solicitor, Louis Charalambous of Simons Muirhead Burton, said:

“The report makes absolutely clear that Mr Wiessler acted responsibly and appropriately throughout. He is an honourable and thoroughly professional individual who won awards during his time at the BBC. Lord Dyson’s findings are a welcome relief to him.”