Employment Law Weekly News Update

6th June 2019

In this edition:

• The EAT confirms that an employee who wears a contact lens to correct double vision is not disabled as there is no indication of any adverse side effects making use of the lens unacceptable or unworkable.
• An ET finds a female sales manager was sexually harassed after the MD asked her multiple times for a massage, requested that she sleep with him and publicly stated he had ‘tried it on’ with her 20 times.
• Changing Faces survey of people with a visible difference, e.g. a mark, scar or medical condition affecting their appearance, shows that 64% experienced hostile behaviour at work and 19% received negative comments.
• A new TUC analysis shows that 1.7m people now work regularly from home, an increase of 374,000 (27.7%) in the last decade, with almost twice as many men than women being homeworkers.