Technology Partner Raoul Lumb quoted in Daily Mail and Telegraph

20th June 2024

Partner in our Technology department, Raoul Lumb, has been quoted in two national papers this morning: the Daily Mail and the Telegraph.

Raoul was asked for his expert opinion on the implications of an apparent breach of the UK GDPR after it emerged that the details of over 500 postmasters had been published on the Post Office website ‘in error’ as part of a leak of a highly confidential legal document.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Raoul talked about the likely legal implications for the Post Office and the possibility of a serious intervention by the ICO.

Also championing the postmasters, Partner and co-head of our Media department, Simon Goldberg has attracted widespread attention from both legal and non-legal audiences through campaigning fervently on his LinkedIn, featuring on Sky News earlier this month to discuss the scandal.